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Scientific research, either developed by public or private organizations, can shape society and drive our understanding of the world. But doing research also impacts the very lives of scholars - in ways that are not always easy to predict or admit. In this issue, we talk with young academics all around Europe as we try to conjure up the shifting sense of power, frustration, and excitement that comes with working in such a critical, if elusive, field. To join the discussion, drop a line at elena [at] methodpliant.com

N. 002

In the last years,

Food design has become an increasingly popular topic.


In this issue of Method Pliant, we analyse the meaning of such concept, trying to gauge its impact and exploring possible future scenario from different viewpoints - from management to retail, architecture, and economics.

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The world is changing and we are immersed in what is called the fourth industrial revolution.


How can we design for the upcoming society?


What are the methodologies we can use to innovate?

Doing Research


Elena Comincioli, Beatrice Conte, Andrea Fenocchio, Abdullah Queshi


Managing Food Through Design


Luigi Bistagnino | Jacob Boersma | Carlo Ratti |

Nir Kshetri | Wawira Njiru | Veronica Fossa |




MAY 2017


Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

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